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Equipment used on the tour

For the mountain bike, stable baggage racks were needed in the front and back, in order to carry the around 20 kilograms of baggage. The amount of clothing was reduced to basic functional wear that could dry quickly after washing by hand. In total, 458 kilometers will be covered by bike over the course of filming.

The film equipment consists of a Panasonic DVX100 AE camera with a Sennheiser microphone and a portable tripod (weighing around 2.5 kg), three batteries, a power charger and a 12-volt charger for recharging using Amiram’s solar panel.

As well, 60 mini DV cassettes are used. The equipment had to be robust, easy to use and relatively lightweight, since everything had to be transported by bicycle. Plus, it was still necessary to provide a high picture quality.

Climate-friendly filming

Not only was the film itself about climate protection, but the film had to be created in the most climate-friendly way possible. The airplane route will be set off through climate project funding – a suitable project still is being determined.

For the routes in Uganda, "Cycle Generation" had the strict requirement of managing their transportation only using bicycles or public transportation. In Kampala this meant mostly by "Matatu" (public minibus), or by "Bodaboda" (moped-taxi).

The recordings on film are taking place without any additional transport vehicle for the cameraman. The bicycle riders are also being filmed from a bicycle or from public transportation vehicles.