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Tour Diary

Place Actions
07/26/08 Entebbe - Kampala flight Frankfurt/Entebbe – taxi to Kampala to the Red Chili Hideaway – meeting Ragna and Amiram
07/27/08 Kampala relaxing - Kampala city - Vasily's Café
07/28/08 Kampala interview with Simon Amunau, Straight Talk Foundation
07/29/08 Kampala interview with Beatrice Adimola and Persis Basemera, NEMA – visiting the school for the deaf: wonderful school garden
07/30/08 Kampala interview with Mbonye Arsen Mutesi in the Ministry of Engergy - interview with solar energy consultant Abdallah Huezeri - visiting David Otieno (GTZ)
07/31/08 Kampala youth workshop of the Uganda Green Movement supported by the Kenya Young Greens (Victor Majanga) – tree planting in the school yard - interview with David Otieno, German Technical Cooperation (GTZ)
08/01/08 Kampala interview with Jonathan Pulik, Straight Talk Foundation - interview with Bill Farmer, Uganda Carbon Bureau
08/02/08 Kampala meeting Felex Kamalha, UCOTA for planning a tree planting activity in Ruboni on 08/12/08 – preparation of the bikes and packing
08/03/08 Kampala - Jeza
65 km
start of the tour – wrong way – mud road after heavy rain, thunder and lightning – sleeping in the "Safe Lodge" in Jeza
08/04/08 Jeza - Mityana
36 km
dinner in the dark at the marketplace of Mityana – sleeping in the cosy "Kolpinghaus" (women's project)
08/05/08 Mityana - Fort Portaltaking a 250 km ride in a public minibus (Matatu) with our bikes on the roof (taking the minibus will help us saving time for the beautiful southwest of Uganda) – nice market in Fort Portal
08/06/08 Fort Portal - Ntandi
56 km
dirt road to the Semliki Valley with a breathtaking view over the Congo bassin – sleeping in a lodge close to a Batwa village
08/07/08 Ntandi - Fort Portal
way back on a crowded pickup-truck with more than 10 people and many pieces of goods – Ragna’s backwheel is desroyed when the pickup passes a bigger truck – arguing about the damage – Bright, a skillfull mechanic (surely the best of Uganda) is able to fix the bike
08/08/08 Fort Portal - Kibale Nationalpark 36 km by taxi to the Kibale Nationalpark – staying at the Visitor’s Center for the night is too expensive, so we walk 3 km to the cheap and very cosy Safari Lodge, where we see hundreds of weaver birds and sleep in traditional Banda-huts.
08/09/08 Kibale NP - Fort Portal 3 km walk to the main gate of the nationalpark – waiting for a permit (only for a limited number of people per day available) – amazing chimp-tracking – free backride in the car of a tourguide
08/10/08 Fort Portal - Ruboni
80 km
exhausting tour on the bikes – late arrival at sunset in an environment like paradise: Ruboni Community Ecotourism Campsite – very friendly people and the best dinner we had so far in Uganda
08/11/08 Ruboni relaxing - arrival of the journalist Jonathan Pulik, Straight Talk Foundation – talking about the organisation of the tree planting activity next day
08/12/08 Ruboni tree planting together with about 20 men and women from the Ruboni community – planting 380 indigenious trees close to a forest protection area
08/13/08 Ruboni - Kasese
30 km
leaving Ruboni – going to the hot and dusty city of Kasese.
08/14/08 Kasese - Mweya
56 km
crossing the equator – entering the Queen Elizabeth Nationalpark – elephants on the way – boat trip on the Kazinga-channel with lots of hippos, buffalos and birds
08/15/08 Mweya - Katunguru
26 km
realaxing in the small town Katunguru
08/16/08 Katunguru - Kalinzu Forest
37 km
cycling to the ecotourism campsite in the Kalinzu forest
08/17/08 Kalinzu Forest - Mitooma
36 km
forest walk in the Kalinzu forest - safari ants – cycling on a very dusty road to Mitooma
08/18/08 Mitooma - Rugungiri
36 km
dirt road to Rukungiri – sleeping in a very nice lodge - interview with Amadeus, Solarshop Rukungiri – farewell dinner with Ragna und Amiram – end of the Cycle Generation in Uganda
08/19/08 Rukungiri - Buhoma saying "goodbye" to Ragna und Amiram – end of filming their tour - 80 km taxi ride to the Bwindi Impenetrable Nationalpark – sleeping in the Buhoma community rest camp
08/20/08  Buhoma impressing gorilla tracking in the Bwindi Impenetrable NP
08/21/08  Buhoma - Kampala about 300 km way back to Kampala in the car of two tourists from New York
08/22/08 Kampala - Entebbe adventurous taxi ride to the airport – flight back to Frankfurt