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Cycle Generation - Abenteuer Klimaschutz

by Stefan Poessiger

Earth Journalism Awards

The Cycle Generation in Uganda - A Climate Adventure from Stefan Poessiger on Vimeo.

Climate protection can be done!

Following their many years of working in the renewable energy industry in Europe and Asia, Ragna Schmidt-Haupt and Amiram Roth-Deblon decided to leave their former lives behind and cycle for one year through Eastern and Southern Africa. They wanted to look out for local organisations which are successfully involved in climate protection. Back in Europe, Ragna and Amiram want to spread what they have learned from the people they met during their tour.

From April 2008 to June 2009 they rode their bicycles through 12 African countries for their campaign called “Cycle Generation". They were official partners of the Kidscall Campaign run by the World Future Council and the Billion Tree Campaign run by the United Nations. The team’s intention was to plant at least 10 trees in each country they visited.

End of July 2008 the team reached Uganda, a country that Winston Churchill once called the “Pearl of Africa“. Starting from there, cameraman Stefan Poessiger accompanied the team for one month using a camera – while also riding by bicycle. Here in Uganda they came together with different groups and organisations who had one major goal: Reducing the impact of climate change and protecting the environment through preserving the endangered rainforests.

More information about the Cycle Generation: